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After Fin Canty, a thirty-six year old professor of particle physics, is killed in a seemingly random car jacking, he uncovers answers to some of science’s biggest mysteries. These answers, promulgated through his new vantage point, accompany the knowledge of his daughter Eva’s banishment to hell for sins mankind has deemed unforgivable. Abandoning his own salvation, Fin descends into hell to save his daughter. Through his indomitable will, Fin’s journey forges the creation of a white hole with CERN’s collider, channeling matter from beyond and offering proof of the afterlife. In a final struggle that spans both continents and planes of existence, one man’s journey to rescue his daughter will reveal the ultimate power of human will and restore faith to the world.

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Jesus Rock

The United States and its allies are embroiled in Iraq, the second full scale war in the Middle East in fifteen years. Seemingly spurred on by a Christian White House and its European allies, the free world continues to rebuff the notion of a holy war, as do the operators covertly sent to the edges of its conflict. Their governments are viewed as seeking containment, disarmament, and possibly retribution for the terrorist acts committed. But as with every major war, there are the fringe theorists, those who purport an inside job, or a conspiracy for something more sinister. However, no one expects what White House senior physician, Israeli-born David Hines, discovers. On an unscheduled stop by Air Force One to a small Marine base outside of Baghdad, U.S. Navy Commander Hines inadvertently witnesses a back room meeting between the highest members of the U.S. Government and the Vatican. After being passed sensitive information that he does not yet understand, he is pursued into a hostile land by specialized team of Allied Forces. What they all discover places the world's religions at the center of the war ...and a centuries old conspiracy.

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This compilation of writings from the greatest scientific thinkers in history, the likes of Einstein, Heisenberg, and Plank to name a few, gives incredible incite into their theology. Offering a glimpse of their faith rarely assumed in the study of their discoveries. The book marries science and religion in a symbiotic relationship, rather than an antagonistic one.


A Fast paced thriller- fiction that is very thought provoking, and is an effortless read. An excellent example of how good fiction pulls the reader through the story without feeling the heft of the pages devoured. LOST SYMBOL, the most recent of the author’s many novels, is easily amongst his best. It is very well researched and stitched together; every page draws you into the next.


An older book, and one of required reading, from my college evolutionary biology days. The book serves as one of the best arguments for Darwinism over Creationism. Dr. Dawkins paints a picture of life from a 10,000-foot vantage point of millions of years of selection, taking painstaking care to offer strong examples and their origins along the way. Whether or not you consider our presence divine intervention or chance, it will certainly give you a new outlook on the choices we make, and the behaviors, which drive us.


Most people are familiar with other titles from this author, and some may not consider this in a list of favorites, but Mark has a captivating way of portraying real life events in ways that translate to cinema with ease. The life and business of cocaine smuggling out of Columbia, and its central figure, Pablo Escobar, is interesting enough. But when you add the CIA and special forces into one of the world’s largest manhunts, what you get is story chock full of suspense, adventure, and juicy little known facts. If you have an interest in para-military affairs, you’ll likely find most of this author’s writings enthralling. Another title from Mark Bowden worth reading is BLACK HAWK DOWN.

Chris Hejmanowski is a science fiction writer who draws from his own past as both a physician and a U.S. Naval officer to compose Collider. His love of science and the mysteries of religion serve to produce story telling of world class power. Experience this thrill ride as the lives of seemingly unrelated characters collide, forever entwining their fates and casting them against nearly insurmountable obstacles, and an evil beyond their comprehension. You will never view science and religion the same again. Be sure to look for his upcoming science fiction thriller due out in the Spring of 2013.

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